Fifty drops of candles

Tues. 17 Apr. 2018

If you think the title of this item is a play on a particular series of books and films that has attracted much attention and notoriety over the last few years, you will be correct.

However, it’s not all about the Fifty Shades of Grey fashion/craze/controversy; no, it presents a session held in my Studio to celebrate a special birthday. In this session I employed wax play; specifically, 50 drops of wax from each of six different-coloured candles, progressing from light pink to black: one drop for each year on each nipple – and I didn’t stop at the nipples. Of course, preparation was involved, in this case mostly with wrapping the birthday-boi in black cling film to protect the skin and to help with cleaning up melted-but-now-dry wax afterwards (wax play can be very messy).

Now for a few words about the accompanying photos. The first two pics are close-ups of the birthday present applied to the nipples; the third is a mould of one of the nipples created by the dried wax after it was prised from said nipple; the fourth is the culprits; the fifth is a psychedelic presentation of a bigger picture of the session. If you look closely at this last pic you will also see that restraint of the lucky subject is aided by the use of soft leather mitts, whose integrated D-rings I have utilised to fasten the wrists to my bondage bed. Overall, it was a birthday treat much appreciated by the celebrant.

I have quite a range of News items on my practice of wax play; for links to these articles, go to Candles for wax play that come with sound advice for safe use.

Revisiting my play on the whole Fifty Shades thing, for those who have not already read my discussions of the phenomenon but are interested, I can recommend my critical article No, arguing the case for quality is not elitist! For discussing the more tangible pros and cons of the Fifty Shades fashion (yes, you read correctly – there are some positive aspects of it), see: Fifty Shades and B&Q: the cat’s out the bag.

Getting back to playful digs at the appalling writing of E.L. James, there’s my Who needs to wait for crime before reaching for the cuffs?; and, And now for ‘Fifty Shades of Green’. Finally, those with an interest in film might like to see my review of a BDSM-themed film worthy of its designation as such, as opposed to the Fifty Shades film adaptations: Now for a film worth seeing: The Duke of Burgundy.

Mistress Geo