Important notice: I will be unavailable for sessions for four days in May

Sat. 20 Apr. 2018

One of the purposes of my News page is to post notices of special activities, and also when I will not be available for any activities at all. This notice serves the latter purpose: I will be unavailable for sessioning from Thursday 10 May to Sunday 13 May inclusive.

Now, I normally do not session on Sundays in any case, although, depending on necessarily special circumstances the occasional exception is not unknown, but I mention my unavailability in this present context for the sake of thoroughness and accuracy. Thus to summarise and to absolutely clarify: my last day of sessioning before my short break will be Wednesday 9 May, and my first day of sessioning after this break will be Monday 14 May.

I trust this is not going to cause too much heartache or inconvenience for my faithfuls in particular.

On a different topic, the BBFC is concluding its “public consultation” on the implementation of age verification on Monday 23 April. So there is still time to respond, and the Open Rights Group (ORG) has made it easy to do so with an online form concentrating on one of the major shortcomings of this legislation: the lack of privacy controls enforceable by a regulatory authority. Here is the link: Strong privacy is a must for age verification tech.

Fortunately, ORG has made it easy for us by providing an overview of the BBFC’s consultation document; this overview outlines the main points of concern that underlie their form for providing an official response to the consultation. I recommend giving it a read before filling out ORG’s form: Online age verification/BBFC Consultation.

Regular visitors to my News page will know I’ve been following this and related issues; for those who aren’t familiar with these issues or who would like to catch up with my last item on the subject, see Unrealistic expectations and the delay in implementing age verification.

Mistress Geo