I don’t think the railways would get away with this today

Tues. 01 May 2018

Regular readers of my News page will not be surprised to know I was tickled (metaphorically speaking) when this old cast-iron railway plaque, allegedly produced by the Somerset & Dorset Railway dating from 1864, came to my attention. Of course it would take my interest, wouldn’t it. Have a read of it and you’ll see why.

Unfortunately I missed out on an opportunity to buy one at a good price, and other examples that are available are, in my opinion, a little overpriced. So at one level this is an account of “the one that got away”, and “maybe next time”.

Now, I know for a fact there are replicas making the rounds, and a number of those I’ve seen for sale online are indeed replicas. I’m not sure whether there were ever genuine, historical examples of this plaque or whether the whole thing is a modern-day joke produced as an old-style plaque; perhaps someone with a relevant knowledge of the historical railways could let me know.

In the meantime, let’s spare a thought for those enginemen of yore and their leaking cocks.

Mistress Geo

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