A cheeky couple of beers from Scotland

Sat. 19 May 2018

Regular visitors to my News section will be well aware by now that I appreciate good wine and fine examples of such elixirs as cognac and single-malt Scotch whisky.

In mentioning the latter, it is not unknown for the Scots to enjoy the odd beer as well; actually, perhaps more than the “odd” one. Thus I was pleased to be presented with two examples of an exotic, small-batch beer from north of the border, because, like the Scots, I also enjoy the odd ale, especially light hoppy ones, which these two cheeky beers were.

Why were they cheeky? The labels speak for themselves: images and words combined to create an undeniably irreverent swipe at two prominent British politicians. I’m sure they need no introduction, and I’m certainly not going to introduce them. Let’s get back to beer, shall we?

FCUKed was a “citra packed IPA”, citra being the variety of hops used in the brew. The name of this beer might also be a play on a well known fashion label. The Utter Cant was lighter than its stablemate, being a “crisp, dry-hopped, Scottish saison” beer. The label provides the definition of the word cant, and yes, it is a real word and the definition on the label is correct.

Bottoms up!

Mistress Geo

NB: Everything is back to normal here at Pinch HQ Bristol after my short break at the end of last week. I had four days away from sessioning from last Thursday 10 May to Sunday 13 May. Sessions are now open again for both my Studio and my Domestic Room.