Enjoying corset-lace marks

Fri. 25 May 2018

My special maid likes to wear a corset from time to time – what self-respecting maid wouldn’t?

As we all know, a corset should only be worn with tight lacing; and of course part of the process and a source of pride in wearing a tight-laced corset is the aftermath: that delicious moment when the corset is removed and the skin is free to display the impression of the laces and the corset’s boning (real corsets are boned – we’re not talking about skimpy, soft fashion items here).

The images accompanying this News item are a record of such a moment; they move from the closest close-up of impressions on the skin to a bigger picture. As usual, the “photographer” was myself, and my camera was wielded with the full prior knowledge and permission of my maid both for the photos and to use said photos here on my News page.

Those interested in corsets, or in maiding, or in the processes of both when in my service, may be interested in two previous of my News articles. The first also concerns corset lace marks, The proud marks of servitude (from 2013); and the second concerns similar skin impressions, although not involving a corset (well, a metal corset-like item, at least): The sign of the cilice (from 2014).

Mistress Geo