A wine befitting a Mistress

Tues. 03 July 2018

There are some UK wine importers and distributors who deserve a good spanking. “Why is that?”, I hear you ask. Well, it isn’t for no reason, so I’ll explain. Shiraz has traditionally been one of my favourite varieties of red, along with Cabernet Sauvignon – at least, back in my days in the Antipodes. Unfortunately for my UK Shiraz-drinking experience, though, it’s not often I’ve come across what I would regard as a good example. That’s why there are wine distributors deserving of chastisement.

Looking on the bright side of this overall situation, it’s encouraged me to explore many other varieties from different regions, some of which, such as Malbec from Argentina and Carménère from Chile, have become new favourites.

However, this McGuigan reserve is an example of a better Shiraz, and it joins a number of the others that have been very kindly gifted to me and that I have also highlighted in my News section (see Margaret River Wise Sea Urchin shiraz and, A wine to please mistress: an award-winning Barossa shiraz).

I should add at this point that it’s not only good shiraz I appreciate, by any means. Other News items of mine go into more varieties that are at least as palatable (and I also don’t mind a spirit of adventure): Spring wine; Fresh treats: a Bordeaux and Panamanian dark chocolate; Wine and cognac; and not only reds: A drop or two of white and chocolat Belge. And then, we can’t forget champagne and all the other delicious “C-words”, can we: Champagne and chocolate; It’s never too late for champagne; Don’t get in the way of a charging knight when champagne’s at stake.


Mistress Geo

Wine update (9 Oct. 2018): If, like me, you appreciate wine, then I can recommend my subsequent musings: What promises to be a fine French wine.