The nips are getting bigger (not the song)

Mon. 09 July 2018

There’s nothing like a spot of nipple torment on a warm summer’s day. Many of my faithfuls would agree, especially if they’re in my Studio (which I still manage to keep cool), where I have a large array of devices, implements and tools for the administration of this particular art. These serve a variety of applications providing different sensations.

Here is one of the more unusual applications: magnetic balls. Back in April I ran a News item with a little more detail on these neodymium magnets. And as I mentioned in that item, “One of the pleasures I take in what I do is the opportunity to be innovative, and even inventive, in being the source of new sensory experiences”. That has always been the case, and nothing has changed.

I suspect the faithful depicted here (his chest, at least) was inspired by that earlier article and wanted to try these effective little magnets for himself. To read more about these magnetic balls and my use of them, here is that earlier article: Demonstrating innovation with neodymium magnets.

And for those intrigued by my reference to a song in the title of this News item, “The nips are getting bigger” was a big hit in the late-1970s for the Australian band Mental As Anything. Some of you might know the band and/or this song. I believe it’s on YouTube.

Mistress Geo