A naughty doctor’s cure-all: a double dose of Belgian dark choc

Sat. 21 July 2018

A very thoughtful faithful who knows how to please this particular Bristol Mistress recently brought me, straight from travel, a box of excellent Belgian chocolates. And this was not all: a different faithful also brought me a box of Belgian dark chocolates, although sourced closer to home. Clearly there was something in the air. Perhaps it was a premonition of Belgium doing so well in the World Cup.

Since I am extremely fond of Belgian dark chocolate – the offerings from that country being widely regarded as the best in the world – I thought I’d look into the Leonidas company because I have to admit I’m not familiar with the brand, even though I’ve encountered it before. Wikipedia, us usual, provides just enough information separate from the actual official company PR to satisfy curiosity: Leonidas (chocolate maker).

There’s no such need to look into M&S, although I do derive some satisfaction from knowing this British icon was established in 1884; and, as long as the chocolates are genuinely made in Belgium, all is well (especially since these examples feature cognac).

For those who share a passion for fine chocolate, I thought I’d provide links to select previous News items of mine that feature these delicacies (in which Belgium is well represented): A first-time gift... of a cake!; A welcome gift when stocks are low...; Cognac and truffles; More than mere ‘chocolate’; and, And now for some chocolate. And finally, as you can see, I’ve been gifted Leonidas chocolates in the past, in 2014 to be exact: A drop or two of white and chocolat Belge.

Mistress Geo