A scene from Miss Pinch’s domestic room

Sat. 04 Aug. 2018

With these two pictures I present a relatively rare glimpse of the workings of a scenario in my domestic room. You can see that “detention” was the official punishment for the “crimes” listed on the traditional chalk blackboard. Not so much crimes as misdemeanours as typically encountered in males of certain ages and dispositions. Naughty, naughty.

Correction was the order of the day, and this was the scene thus enacted, with some good degree of authenticity, I might add, especially as regards the caning. And speaking of caning, you can also see a selection of my canes hanging on the blackboard – these were duly put to effective use in the scenario at hand. I’m sure you can imagine the results. “The results?”, I hear you ask. The results were a well-exercised right arm on my part, and a pair of glowing orbs that lit up the room on the part of the appropriately chastised recipient.

And I can also say the beaming smile on the face of said chastised recipient also helped light up the room.

I dare say there will be more detention sessions coming up.

Mistress Geo