Another scene from Miss Pinch’s domestic room

Thurs. 09 Aug. 2018

In my last News item I mentioned that “the beaming smile on the face of [the] chastised recipient...helped light up the room”. Indeed, and here is another “face” that also helped light up the room.

Yes, here I present another scene from my domestic room, a somewhat more of an action shot – a glimpse of some of the results of a “detention” session similar to the one mentioned in the last item. I say some of the results because what you see here is early in the session, part of the warm-up. To display much beyond this level of chastisement is technically illegal. But that’s another topic, and a very unfortunate one it is (I have more coming up on this, but that’s a few News items down the track). In the meantime, give flight to imagination and enjoy what is possible.

I dare say there will be more detention sessions coming up with various visitors to Miss Pinch’s domestic room.

Mistress Geo