Presenting the mythical, yet majestic, Butt Ox

Sun. 19 Aug. 2018

After my previous News item – the picture, to be exact – I thought an appropriate follow-up item would be to present the Butt Ox, a creature that’s described as “tiny” and “majestic” on the card. Now, I think I see the Butt Ox here and there, on the odd occasion: fleeting glimpses as it scurries around strange places like my Domestic Room and Studio. But I can’t be sure. So that also makes it a mythical creature, right?

This card was presented to me by a long-time faithful and friend on a particularly auspicious occasion recently. And we all know such cards do not lie; we all know about the Butt Ox, don’t we.

And of course the Butt Ox could not possibly have anything to do with the buttocks presented in glowing glory for my last News item, could it.

Mistress Geo