Bound by chains in my Studio

Thurs. 30 Aug. 2018

My Studio is the venue for bondage and discipline at my premises, and in these three photos you can observe how chains can be used to ensnare specific protuberances of the upper part of the torso. The effect of ensnarement is highlighted by the aroused state of said protuberances, which, of course, is as it should be.

The second picture provides a close-up of the process, where I employ two different types of chain. And finally, in the last shot, the nipples break free; in this third pic you can see the St Andrews Cross in the upper-left of the frame, upon which the willing subject is fixed.

Speaking of willing subjects, this particular willing subject is my special maid of long-standing service. I have two more News items coming up from the same session, featuring a different form of bondage.

A good time was had by all, as usual.

Mistress Geo

PS: Those who like NT will probably be interested in my previous News item where I feature the use of magnets: The nips are getting bigger (not the song).