Turning the classic bolero to new uses (back view)

Wed. 05 Sept. 2018

Those with even a passing acquaintance of Spanish culture should know of the bolero, the name of a style of music (made popular in “classical” music circles in 1928 by French composer Maurice Ravel), but, for the point of this News article, also a style of jacket.

Now, this style of jacket is variously defined as “a kind of short jacket not reaching the waist, with or without sleeves and open at the front”, or “a waist-length jacket worn open in front”. So you can see that a bolero-inspired bondage harness made of leather is quite an interesting variation on a Spanish theme, and it’s one my special maid recently acquired for him/herself. Bravo! I’m sure Monsieur Ravel would approve.

I, of course, not wishing to let any grass grow under the feet of fashion, lost no time in road-testing my maid’s lovely new leather item, and these photos were taken by myself during a session in my Studio. In the first two pictures the lace-up arm harness is clear from this back view; the short cut and the open front of the bolero-style jacket is visible in the mirror. Astute observers will also note, in the second image, the triple-padlocked ankle shackles that are secured with a chain stretched up to a steel ring sewn into the bottom of the arm harness.

The leather hood is my own item and is not part of the bolero bondage harness. Likewise, you can see in the background of the second image, on the left, my Fred Pinch tall cage (in which a leather catsuit is hanging), and on the right a Fred Pinch CBT device on the table and my Fred Pinch CBT chair. The cage and chair are hand-engineered in aluminium and steel.

Returning to boleros after that brief diversion, I’ve included a fashion image of a more “normal” bolero to illustrate the garment as most people would know it. And by the way, a bolero can have padded or in other ways exaggerated shoulders, and is just as often cut with short to very-short sleeves (and, less common, with no sleeves). I have an example or two in my own personal wardrobe.

Mistress Geo