Turning the classic bolero to new uses (front view)

Mon. 10 Sept. 2018

Whilst the bolero-inspired leather bondage harness is the focus of this and my last News item, this second item shares the limelight with NT: how could it not when the peg-attached chain-and-pendulum balls are so prominently affixed to the appropriate mini-appendages of the male torso? (And are clearly visible in these three photos.)

NT aside, this item features the front view of my special maid’s leather bolero arm-bondage garment. I described it as a “harness” in my previous News item where I concentrated on the back view. In these three pics you can clearly see the cut-away front that is left open, and how the little “coat” reaches nowhere near to waist level. Still, this garment, or harness, or “device”, or “implement”, is inspired by the Spanish bolero – it is not meant to be a bolero.

In the third pic you can observe, this time from the front, the leg shackles I mentioned in my previous News item; and, in the background, you can see my industrial block-and-tackle-with-chains and one of my bondage fixing points that are attached to my Studio’s ceiling RSJ.

In all three of these pictures, as with the last News item, I’m sure you will admire my maid’s dress sense, as in the boned satin corset, maid’s black-and-white frilly panties, suspender lace-topped stockings, and patent-leather heels.

You will also note in the left background – partially in the first pic and “fully exposed” in the third – a print by erotic/fetish art photographer John Dietrich on the wall behind the maid. I bought this print from John in person at an erotic-culture festival in Edinburgh in 2004, and I know John from his hosting of Sunday Severine in Birmingham, which I used to attend regularly in 2007 and 2008 after the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar when Severine was the official after-market play-party. Severine was easily one of the better monthly BDSM clubs in the country but, unfortunately, is now long-defunct (see John Dietrich’s website at The erotic world of John Dietrich).

As always, all images used on my website, where they include anyone other than just myself, are only used here with the prior knowledge and consent of all concerned. The photographer, also as usual, was myself (although I use the term “photographer” loosely).

Mistress Geo