Glimpses of striking art from a gallery far, far away

Sat. 19 Jan. 2019

I’ve been busier than usual in my travels this time round, but have still found attending the odd art exhibition to be time well spent, and regular visitors to my News page will be well aware of this. So, from a gallery in a land far, far away, I bring to these pages a glimpse of a group exhibition that presented many artists and pieces of work I found very striking, none more so than the work of Pakistani artist Naiza Khan.

Ms Khan studied fine art in London and Oxford and has since turned out some sculptural pieces, principally in metal, that immediately appealed to me. I expect the pieces I have chosen to highlight here will also appeal to my faithfuls and casual visitors to this page alike, for obvious reasons; the titles of the works provide some clues and whet the appetite at the same time: Chastity Belt; Body-Bust; Armour Lingerie; Pelvic-Armour; and Cage-Corset.

The order in which I’ve listed the pieces above is the order in which I’ve displayed them below, using photos I took myself at the exhibition. My photos include the information plaques for each work, and end with the gallery’s general statement on the artist and her work.

Now, if I know some of my faithfuls in the way in which I think I do, then I can well imagine some of you would simply love to try and squeeze into one of Ms Khan’s chastity belts or corsets.

I have some photos of other artists’ work from the same exhibition... coming up.

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Mistress Geo

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