There are snakes... and then there are snakes

Sat. 26 Jan. 2019

It was just a day at the beach Down Under. There was nothing unusual, then, when I spied this magnificent specimen of a snake: a few photos were required.

Now, I think a Diamond Python such as the one here would make an impressive addition to my Studio repertoire – I can just imagine the extra edge it would give to play when I have a faithful fixed to my St Andrew’s Cross or locked in one of my cages (and, of course, not blindfolded), when I introduce them to the python. No-one need worry, because apparently these snakes are “typically inoffensive by nature and generally reluctant to bite”. That’s according to Wikipedia, and we know Wikipedia never gets it wrong, don’t we.

Looking into this snake proved a fascinating exercise, however. Morelia spilota spilota is believed to be “the most southerly occurring python in the world”; they have

“large territories that often overlap. They move around these seasonally to occupy well camouflaged positions in the warmer months... The females have a range up to 50 ha (120 acres); males may occupy an area almost twice as large. They are often active during the day and on warm nights, although most of their time is spent waiting in ambush for passing prey. They typically remain in one position for up to two weeks, before moving to another around 100 m (330 ft) away. M. s. spilota kills its food by constricting and suffocating it, and preys on lizards, birds, and mammals as large as possums. They are not a danger to humans, but are capable of biting and leaving teeth in the wound if severely harassed.”

So there we are. The full Wikipedia article is Morelia spilota spilota. And there’s also this article from Australia Zoo, which is more succinct: Reptiles – Diamond Python.

I must say I wouldn’t mind one of these majestic snakes as a pet (aside from use in my Studio), but I’m not sure the snake would appreciate it, and I’m sure my cats wouldn’t.

Mistress Geo

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