Being good at multitasking is a prerequisite for what I do

Thurs. 30 Jan. 2019

One thoughtful faithful hit the nail on the head when he presented me with this rather striking card just before I left on my annual travels: the message regarding the work of a professional dominatrix is accurate, and the card itself is delightful.

Of course, one of tasks the woman in the card illustration is multi-ing is not one I ever consider combining with the tasks I perform in my Studio and Domestic Room (nor is it one I entertain among my faithfuls when they are otherwise engaged in said work spaces here at Pinch HQ Bristol). I’m not talking about the “being fabulous” bit, which is pretty much taken as a given somewhat constantly...

Now, anyone even vaguely familiar with my Gift list knows I’m not averse to a good bottle of wine, but never at the same time when I’m being “fabulous” wielding the cane or other implement.

The card was not all, as my favourite perfume was also a much-appreciated gift, Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. A lady cannot have too much fine perfume, especially if she does a lot of multitasking.


Mistress Geo

Important notice: I am currently travelling and am not available for sessioning. I will be announcing dates for the recommencement of sessions in early February. For further information on my time away, please see my News item: Announcing my final sessioning date for this year.