Now we have Le Chat Noir Pinot Noir

Sat. 09 Feb. 2019

“Is this a bottle top?” I hear you ask. Indeed it is, and not just any bottle top, but the top of a bottle of quite a good French Pinot Noir called Le Chat Noir, which I sampled just recently during my travels.

Now, anyone with a knowledge of French musical culture, indeed, of French culture at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries known both as the fin de sičcle and La Belle Epoch (“the beautiful era”), should know the image of the black cat that is Le Chat Noir is considered an iconic image of the Art Nouveau, is synonymous with turn-of-the-century Paris, and is very popular worldwide to this day – perhaps especially in this day.

And besides all that, what better name for Pinot Noir than Le Chat Noir?

I ran a News item in December about a gift from one of my faithfuls that came from Italy: a Chat Noir gatti (cats) calendar; of course the feature image was none other than our old friend, Le Chat Noir from 1890s Paris (1896 to be exact). To read this item, where I go more into the history of the image, please follow this link: In celebration of black cats.

As evidence of the almost ubiquity of this very famous black cat, I’ve included here a photo of a paperweight I’ve just acquired that also features the image of this cat; and, the same image printed on a coaster that I’ve had for many, many years – it is one of a set of coasters featuring French fin de sičcle posters, most of them about cats, that I bought from a street stall in Paris quite some time ago (you can see it’s had plenty of use). Fantastic.

Mistress Geo

Important notice: I am currently travelling and am not available for sessioning. I expect to be announcing dates for the recommencement of sessions in the next week. For further information on my time away, please see my News item: Announcing my final sessioning date for this year.

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