New black rope

Wed. 27 Feb. 2019

Aficionados of bondage will be pleased to hear that I acquired some new rope before I embarked on my travels last November. Not only new rope, but new black rope. It’s good rope, and it also looks very good on the body of those to whom it is applied, especially when applied in combination with other rope of contrasting (or complementary) colour.

In the accompanying photo – shot before I travelled – you can see one of my faithfuls firmly trussed with this new black rope, which I’ve paired with red rope (it’s rather like pairing good wine with the right food, or vice-versa, depending on one’s priorities). It’s quite aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think? And of course the aesthetics of bondage is a large part of what bondage is all about.

I have a wide selection of rope and I’m looking forward to pairing my new black rope in different combinations. I’m sure there won’t be a shortage of bodies upon which I can experiment.

Mistress Geo

Very important notices:

(a) Unfortunately I am no longer making appointments for anyone I have not seen before. This means I am not catering for newcomers, but only for those whom I have already seen and have established a working rapport.

(b) I will be suspending Studio sessions from Friday 15 March until I announce the recommencement of such sessioning at new premises; in the meantime, sessions in my Domestic Room will continue past 15 March until further notice.

For more information, please see my News item of 12 February 2019: IMPORTANT: (a) significant dates, (b) no longer accepting newcomers.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress