Introducing the Geo Pinch Loyalty Card

Sun. 10 June 2012

I’ve been considering this for some time, and certain preparations had to be made, but I am now very pleased to announce the introduction of my loyalty card.

The Geo Pinch Loyalty Card will function as most loyalty cards do: patronise an establishment for a set number of times, or buy certain articles or services or whatever, and get the next one on the house or for a discount. I’ve lost count of the number of café loyalty cards I have – in fact, I’ve got one for a café in Australia that owes me a coffee when I next visit...

Back to the point. The Geo Pinch Loyalty Card will function thus: complete six sessions with me, and receive the seventh session of your choice for half the usual tribute.

Now, my regulars might like to consider treating themselves to the luxury of an extra-long session. Four hours for the tribute of two (for example) must sound like a rare indulgence – who, I wonder, would be up for something that intense?

The actual cards to mark off your visits to me are in production as I write. A happy summer awaits!

Mistress Geo

Update (14 June 2012): My loyalty card is printed – see it “in the flesh” (as it was applied to the flesh on its first day!): Applied in the flesh: the Geo Pinch Loyalty Card.