Reminder: The Geo Pinch ‘lunchtime special’

Fri. 06 July 2012

Just in case you’ve forgotten or in other ways have a spot of difficulty with a busy memory, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sound a reminder about my 30-minute "lunchtime special” for my regulars.

Until very recently I did not countenance sessions less than an hour, but modern busy lifestyles, being what they are, sometimes make it difficult to allocate time to those things we really like to do. Most unfortunate. Well, fear not, because having realised this, around six weeks ago (see my News item Announcing the half-hour ‘lunchtime special’ – for regulars only), I decided to offer half-hour sessions to those of you who really can’t last the day without a good seeing-to (whatever that may entail), but who really can’t afford the time for an appropriately lengthy seeing-to. What a dilemma! Poor thing! But as I just mentioned, fear not, because if you can see 30 minutes as sufficient scratch for the itch, then there can be happiness for all.

Now, half-hour sessions may not be unique in the professional BDSM Bristol scene (or elsewhere, for that matter), but as far as I’m aware my 30-minute sessions are unique in that I only offer them to those with whom I have successfully sessioned on at least two previous occasions, and they only apply to domestic scenarios in my Domestic Room for the simple reason that more intense BDSM sessions in my Studio definitely require more time than 30 minutes. There are good, professional reasons for this policy, which I explain on my Questions? page, in my answer to the hypothetical question "Can I book half-hour sessions?”. You will also find me elaborating on the pros and cons of these shorter sessions on my Studio and Domestic Room pages.

Such short sessions need not necessarily be at lunch time, of course, but the "lunchtime special” does sound good, though!

Mistress Geo